Christmas in Istanbul

Did you know that Turkey is Santa Clause’ homeland ?! If it’s not a good reason enough to spend your Christmas in Turkey, let’s have a closer look at what Istanbul is offering travellers during Christmas.

Although Istanbul itself was not home to Santa Clause, it was arround Antalya were he was born, but there is no other city like Istanbul in this World. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, Istanbul will fill your holidays with Christmas atmosphere, joyful experiences, mesmerizing sights and tasty culinary delights. At Istanbul Taksim Green House Hostel we will guide you through the best that this city offers in the Christmas season 2017.

Although majority of Turks are Muslims you will not miss Christmas atmosphere. Istanbul will surprise you with it’s magic of lights, Christmas trees and songs, there is a number of Christmas markets arround the city and many restaurants offer special Christmas menu. Christmas services at churches can be easily found around Istanbul.

Just five minutes away from Istanbul Taksim Green House Hostel  Taksim Square and famous Istiklal street will welcome you with shopping fest. A majority of shops are offering sale at the end of the year.

Take a walk from Istanbul Taksim Green House Hostel to Nişantaşı area to see amazing Christmas illuminations and other theme venues.

The truth behind all the Christmas atmosphere is that Turks prepare all those decorations because of New Year but I belive it’s all about how we wii perceive it.

Still not sure about Christmas atmosphere in Istanbul?


Roasted chestnuts should dispel your last fears.

Just one street up from the Istanbul Taksim Green House Hostel, for years, everyday there is an older lovely man selling fresh roasted chestnuts.

Here at Istanbul Taksim Green House Hostel  we will always have some delicious winter tea and coffee for you together with Ana’s signature almond cookies.

We are looking forward to welcome you this Christmas at Istanbul Taksim Green House Hostel .


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